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To donate with BKM Express, you'll be redirected to www.bkmexpress.com.tr. You can login to BKM Express or create a new membership. You'll choose the card you want to donate with and once you've completed the donation, you'll be redirected to our page.
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Empathy Association, is located on Kınalıada (one of the Princes' islands in Istanbul), aims to help individuals and organisations to develop the skills of empathy with street animals, pets, nature, wild life and people of different socio-economic backgrounds. Moreover, our main work is to protect, to feed and to treat street animals on our island. Our guiding, core principles are transparency, inclusion, neutrality, independence, participation with a focus on being life-driven in practicing our activities.

Our priority during the winter season is to feed our street animals. We strive to coexist in harmony with more than 1000 cats and more than 120 dogs. If you wish to donate to our food drive and build a food bank, here is how your donation(s) will contribute: 

  1 kg of cat food = 7 TRY (2 USD) = 10 cats/day
  5 kgs of cat food = 30 TRY (8 USD) = 50 cats/day
15 kgs of cat food = 75 TRY (20 USD) = 150 cats/day

To support our non-governmental organisation's activities, you can choose to make one time donation or make donations on an ongoing basis securely through FonZip member, subscription and donation management platform. Many thanks in advance for your support on behalf of our island's paws.