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Every step you take to change the lives of children,

is a step forward for Humanity.

Every year, thousands of seasonal agricultural workers pour into different districts of Turkey for the harvest of various products. The families and children of these seasonal workers live in tents or outbuildings that lack basic necessities such as clean water, warm food, hygiene and safety.

On average, children are made to work 12-15 hours a day. These children end up missing out on a third of the school year and many leave school altogether.

Aside from taking away their right to an education, being a seasonal worker also negatively affects the children’s quality of life, their development and their future. Those who spend their childhood in the cycle of seasonal work, and who are thus unable to receive the benefits of schooling, are kept from developing vocational skills.  

Every year we use the support we receive to prevent child labour by finding the children who are caught in the cycle of seasonal work and providing them with the services they need. We support children in harvest areas by distributing food, clothing, personal care kits and stationery materials.

You can support a seasonal child worker for one year, during the harvest season and the school terms, by donating 2.000 TRY and ensure that s/he is going to stay in school.