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Let’s Do It Turkey

Around the world, 300 million tons of plastic and between 500 and 1 trillion plastic bags are produced every year. 200-400 barrels of oil are used in the production of these plastics.

Don't say trash!

The majority of plastics and the plastic bags that were produced are places in the garbage class and the rest of them are thrown into the sea. These products, which have not been lost in nature for centuries, increase environmental pollution, water pollution and climate crisis more and more day by day!

According to data from the World Wildlife Found, this year the day of the Over Limit was June 27, 2019 for Turkey. For the world, this date is July 29, 2019. Turkey has consumed natural resources 32 days before the world average this year. From today we start borrowing the resources of 2020.

We want to reduce all these effects and defeat garbage blindness to protect our world in every sense. Help us prevent the formation and production of garbage piles together! Let's raise generations who don't throw trash on the ground, don't produce trash and don't use the consumable materials that will be garbage. Let's reduce environmental pollution, water pollution and climate crisis by transforming our waste.

With your support, we will announce this to more people and the project continues thanks to you!

Great to see you here! We have one more step left to do all this together!

Support our Let’s Do It family, and join us!

Remember, your support is very vital to us. :)