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To function one more hour SPoD needs 74 TL !

SPoD has been working  since 2011 to fight against violence and discrimination against LGBTI+ community and to empower them directly.  


While working on visibility and political participation of LGBTI+s in legislation and election processes SPoD trains experts on key positions for LGBTI+s and supports academic work on LGBTI+ & queer agenda. It follows with its legal experts key discrimimation cases and provides counseling to LGBTI+ face to face, online and through its help-line.


Only in the first half of 2019 SPoD provided:   

145 Face-to-face psychological counseling 

144 Legal counseling to 

51 Gender reassignment counseling to 


SPoD’s help-line (active since 2017) rang 621 times only in 2018 and provided information on coming-out, compulsory military service and gender reassignment procedures, discrimination issues on the bases of SOGIESC and gave psychological counselling online. For other recent activities of SPoD please visit here.


SPoD survived until today with non-periodic funds from various organizations and with voluntary and private financial supports from its volunteers. However, especially today in a climate with increasing ridicule and attack against LGBTI+s on mainstream media SPoD needs to professionalize its work through a stable and predictable income. Only this way it can become a better organized, stable and sustainable institution and can so reach out more LGBTI+s around.


With a constant rent of 4000 TL, office bills, taxes and other constant expenses like salaries of its office workers, legal and psychological experts SPoD needs 74 Turkish Liras to function as it does today.

For an equal, fair and free World under the rainbow,

We need your support to continue our work.

SPoD Team