Face-to-Face & Telemarketing

Empower your face-to-face fundraisers and call center teams with Fonzip. Update legacy printed donation forms with Fonzip that provide superior security and recurring donation automation.

Keep a close eye on the performance of your fundraising teams.

Data Security

Data Security

  • The payment information is encrypted irreversibly during the donation process.
  • Sensitive card information can never be publicly viewed by the fundraisers or NGO managers.
Advanced Management

Advanced Management

  • On the donation form settings, recurring donations can be set to repeat indefinitely (until canceled), on a set term or as long as the donor chooses.
  • In addition, critical controls in donor relations such as increasing and decreasing the recurring donation amount in the process, pausing the withdrawals for a certain period and then resuming automatically can be provided.
Automatic Notifications and Card Updates

Automatic Notifications and Card Updates

  • Each recurring payment order is automatically tracked and reported by Fonzip.
  • Transactions that will turn unsuccessful withdrawal attempts into successful donations are carried out automatically.
  • For example, if a card has expired, the donor will automatically receive a request to update the card information.
  • In case of insufficient limit errors, the withdrawal process is retried daily, when the process is successful, the next withdrawal date is automatically adjusted accordingly.
  • Team Management & Reports

    Team Management & Reports

    • You can create multiple face-to-face & telemarketing fundraising teams with different settings at the same time, depending on the region (London, Liverpool, etc.) or donation type.
    • Team members can only superficially view the donation transactions they have added, and cannot access the donor's personal data or other donation / donor data belonging to your organization.
    • You can track and report the performance of each fundraiser team or team member separately.

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