Live Support and Help Center

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Live Support and Help Center
  • Especially if you have started using a new system, they normally say that the first day is the hardest, so Fonzip's live help team will always be with you during the adjustment process.
  • Our live support team will be happy to assist you in all scenarios that may be daunting, such as data transfer or switching from a different application to Fonzip.
  • Fonzip's help center is available 24/7 for any questions you may have.
Free Online Consulting

Free Online Consulting

  • We believe that we will grow together with non-governmental organizations.
  • That's why we provide online advice to every organization that needs support, especially to improve its fundraising capacity.
  • There is no need for a request from your institution for this. Our support team can act proactively and make specific recommendations to the organization for the tools and methods that the organization can use to reach its potential.
  • In doing so, we know that each institution has very different dynamics and we make specific recommendations for that institution.
  • For this, you can always make a video interview appointment with us.

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